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6th Grade- Miss Samantha Welter

It has been quite the experience already! I know this year will bring many more great memories and amazing adventures! Here are a few things that have happened so far:
Nature Day at Itasca State Park: We were able to enjoy beautiful weather and amazing colors while we visited Itasca State Park. Not only was the weather perfect, but we were also able to learn about the history of the park too. The kids really enjoyed the nature walks and wading in the headwaters. While we were here, we had the chance to recreate a picture from their trip to the park in first grade. It was quite humorous to see the difference in each of them! The then and now is posted below :)
Math Raps: For a math assignment I had the students create a rap or song that explained perimeter. All the kids did a great job and were very creative with their ideas. I did have one group continue to practice so I could tape it. Take a look at Lily and Katie's rap below!  

Then-First Grade 

Now-Sixth Grade

Lily and Katie's Rap


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